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Acadian Plumbing has been in the field of Plumbing Services and plumber repairs of main line leaks, new water heater installs and repairs, fixture updates such as new faucet, sink new bathtub, bathtub replace, cracked shower replacement, toilet installs toilet repair, leaking running toilet overhauls and all other plumber services in Baton Rouge, La and surrounding metro areas Call today for all your plumbing and plumber repair services at 225 292 2649  For more info go to : 225 292 2649. For more information about water heaters go to website:

  Water Heater Baton Rouge Plumbin

  Water Heater is an appliance that uses the most electricity in the home in fact after 10 years the annual cost of operating the water heater is over 800.00 per year. It should be 278.00 per year. The reason is that hot water makes the minerals in water separate and the calcium separates and becomes hardened and settles in bottom of tank, more and more each year meaning there is less available space, "volume" in the water heater tank, so there is less and less hot water available every year.
  Wasted Energy   Cold water is introduced as you use hot water and it has to be heated more often than necessary because of less volume in tank so lots of energy is being wasted. Often times  when we change out a water heater it is difficult to drain tank because of so much calcium build up which looks like white rocks after complete calcification and looks like white yogurt which can often times smell like sour milk or as in case of this water heater change out, customer said hot water smelled like eggs. When we drained water out, the smell was horrible and water was brown and dirty, it’s not just energy savings it's the quality of water in the home that is affected. So call Acadian Plumbing of Baton Rouge at 225-292-2649 for all your water heater change outs!! 
For further energy savings add blown insulation to attic, more details at:
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water heater removal, code compliant upgrade,baton rouge plumbing, our plumbers are ready! call us today 225-292-2649 

water heater removal, code compliant upgrade, new water heater shown, baton rouge plumbing, our plumbers are ready! call us today 225-292-2649 
  1. Code Compliant Requirements   Code compliant requirements for the water heater require that new flexible copper lines be installed from water supply.
  2. Must have drain pan under water heater with plumbing drain piping to exterior of home in case of leak, it can drain water to exterior of home.
  3. Water Heater has a pop off valve or pressure relief valve for the possibility that if the thermostat, which monitors the temperature of the water heater dysfunctions and overheats, the pressure increases in the water heater tank until it pushes open the pressure relief valve at designated pressure, into plumbing drain piping to exterior of home to prevent water damage to home!
  4. Temperature set to code required temperature, if you have an older home these are safe guards put in place to protect the home owner, these codes are mandatory and must be adhered to, our professional and certified plumbers know how to install water heaters to meet the code requirements which are checked any time a home is bought or sold in Louisiana, if you hire a handy man who usually doesn’t know anything about codes, you will end up paying twice, to have it done again. So hire a Baton Rouge Plumbing company that uses the safe guards put in place to make sure your water heater install is code compliant. Call Acadian Plumbing today 225-292-2649 for all your Baton Rouge plumbing, and water heater installs!
water heater removal, code compliant upgrade,baton rouge plumbing, our plumbers are ready! call us today 225-292-2649 Water heater removal, code compliant upgrade,Baton Rouge Plumbing Contractors, our Plumbers are ready! call us today 225-292-2649
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ACADIAN PLUMBING of Baton Rouge,Plumbers

Acadian Plumbing of Baton Rouge has plumbers for all your plumbing needs, whether it's a broken main water line or a sink, faucet, bathtub, or water heater upgrade change out, We can accommodate your needs.
Our company was built on hard honest work and good ethics.
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Not enough hot water? Hot water heater is a reliable appliance, but because of hard minerals in water the heat separates the minerals and they settle on the bottom of the hot water tank, and mineral deposits keep building up until literally there is less volume in the tank and less water available!

  Code Requirements:  Hot the water heater code requirements are mandatory and if you hire a handiman you will find out the hard way when you go to sell your home that it has to be piped exactly to the code requirements mandated before your home will be allowed to be sold. There are many code requirements not just water heaters, there can't be any dripping faucets, bad receptacle outlets, broken stove vent fans, the chimney flu has to be  a certain distance away from wood and sheetrock installed to code, no missing shingles, or roof leaks. Our company also has a licensed contractor that has been doing code lists for years and can take care of all your wood rot , roofing, shingles and plumbing our certified plumber is available for your Baton Rouge plumbing, faucet sink and home repair needs.

  For all your remodeling, and home repair, whether it's bathroom remodeling, or home repair consisting of changing that rotten siding and fascia board, any kind of home renovation, Call today 225 292 2649 .Here are lots of pics of projects I have worked on, lots of home repair, renovation of the home. On older home it's common to remove old sheet rock and reinstall new. These renovation and remodeling projects are what I have been doing since I was a young kid working with my dad who is a contractor to see the pictures

For all your Baton Rouge plumbing and plumber needs, whether its changing out that leaking faucet and sink and water heater, or remodeling  your bathroom our baton rouge contractors are qualified for your home renovation and bathroom renovation

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For all you air conditioning needs call

For your next roof and roofing we have roofing contractors available for you call today

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FOR  your home improvement needs
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for all your home improvement needs. We are a Baton Rouge company that can handle all you plumbing, roofing, roof, and roof repairs, missng shingles , home improvement and bathroom, and bathroom remodeling
Call today 225-292-2649 for all your home repair, house siding, plumbing, faucet, sink, shower, bathtub, and also that kitchen sink that has been leaking, we can upgrade your faucets and add value to your home!r
 IS your water heater not operating efficiently

Baton Rouge remodeling and home improvement contractors

For all your home repairs and  improvement, remodeling, in Baton Rouge, LA 225-292-2649